This Inflatable Night Sky Will Astound You


London has an event called “Light Night” where they bring together dreamers and artists and engineers to build fantastic installations based around light. Though the results are always awe-inspiring, one team this year took it to new heights.

London’s annual “light night,” called Light Night Canning Town, brings together artists and makers to build light-focused installation art, much of it beneath the busy A13. The event’s second year took place this winter, and included this wonderfully cool project by the London design studio Loop.pH. It’s called Osmo, and it’s a pneumatically-inflated cocoon made from silver mylar—the same stuff used as insulation on everything from emergency blankets to spacecraft.


There was even a zip-up entrance so no outside light filtered in and ruined the illusion of sitting among the stars. What I would’ve given to have sat underneath that for a moment and just lost myself. Light pollution in my city denies me such simple pleasures.

[Image and Story via Gizmodo | Images: Loop.pH.]