Super Mario Themed Pop-Up Bar Appears (Somewhere)

So somewhere in America last night, a cool pop-up bar appeared (the first rule about pop up bars is that you don’t talk about pop-up bar locations) and as you can see from the decor, they went with a cool, Super Mario Bros. theme. Heck, they even got the clouds right! But I’m pretty sure anyone […]

I Present to You…TINY RAPTURE

The Reddit community tends to be very talented, and this tiny version of Rapture from Bioshock is no exception. A Rapture for ants, we knew it was inevitable. And yes, I stole the Zoolander joke from someone on the thread. Reddit it just good like that. Like a virtual version of Rapture, where we are […]

Another Neighborhood Cooler Than Yours and Mine

I see these photos everywhere on the Internet now and just want someone to invite me to a party where we can play Mario Kart on the side of a house or maybe in a movie theater or something cool like that. Is that too much to ask? I have been geek writing for almost […]

Random Yet Awesome Bioshock Statues Found

I love Bioshock and all things Bioshock (as most gamers do), so when I find things about Bioshock, I tend to geek out. This is one such example. I was sent a link to the above pic, and the minute I saw it my eyes were in rapture (that works on two levels for those […]

One Punch Man – Origins

One Punch Man is the new anime series (based off the web series) that is taking the anime world by storm. Hell, it is taking the whole world by storm. Thing is, this series came out of nowhere and suddenly is the new reigning king. What this means is there are a whole bunch of […]

‘Kubo and the Two Strings’ Official Teaser Trailer

Haven’t even heard a thing about this movie, but found this trailer today for Kubo and the Two Strings and thought wow, this looks pretty cool. So here you go. Looks like there will be beasts and ninja and a girl who can split the ocean with the power of music. In other words, it […]

What Happens When You Mix A Marvel Movie with a Romantic Comedy?

Most geeks LOVE Marvel movies, but could live without romantic comedies. For that reason alone Vulture has created this awesome(ly) strange mashup that shows us what a rom-com would look like if it took place starring some of our favorite spandex and leather clad superheroes.

It’s Not a Trap: Admiral Ackbar Makes It Into ‘The Force Awakens’

There is something awesome about seeing familiar faces in franchises we love. though Admiral Ackbar from Star Wars may be remembered as a somewhat minor character, his “It’s A Trap” line is almost as quoted as all the bad Yoda impressions Star Wars fans spit out. But it looks like the Admiral will be making […]

‘Dark Souls III’ Statue Looks In-Game (And It’s Real Life)

So this statue that is an ode to Dark Souls III actually looks like it was captured using in-game footage. Thing is, this is actually a statue. Badass, huh? I wonder how many times they had to die while making it just to get it right. (<Best Dark Souls joke ever). (Imgur)

Why ‘The Phantom Pain’ Asks For Your Birthday

When you boot up Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, it asks you for your birthday. Though most gamers had no idea why, when you play on your actual birthday, the characters in game recognize it and wish you happy birthday (as well as a few other surpises I wont ruin). Well played, Hideo. […]

Amazing Sculptures Made From Discarded Wood

Artist Thomas Dambo finds old pieces of woord that aren’t being used and reclaims them to make the amazing sculptures you are about to see. How he makes them is even more impressive than the end result. Thomas and his team have made many different sculptures from recycled materials/trash. They have specialized in making wooden […]

This ‘Twilight Zone’ Door Decal Takes You To the Beyond

The Twilight Zone was a fantastic show that always took us to places we had only dreamt of. Outer space, the future, a world where ugly people are pretty and pretty people are ugly. It pretty much covered all of fantasy and sci-fi, and many lovers of the genre were made aware of it by […]