How They Created the Massive War Scenes in ‘The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies’


Even if you are one of the people who hate the Hobbit movies and look at them as a cash-in, you have to be impressed by the films, visually. From the battle scenes to the rendering of the the ‘bad guys’, the special effects by WETA in these movies are nothing short of spectacular and something we wouldn’t have even been able to fathom 20 years ago.

If you are a fan of this series (or the marvel that is special effects in general), you owe it to yourself to check out this reel from Wired about how they created the massive war scenes in Battle of the Five Armies. It shows insight into the process of digital effects, all while showing how easy WETA makes it look.

They’re even talking about making a nine-hour, three part prequel to this video. That last sentence was written in sarcasm font in case you can’t tell.

[Image via YouTube, Story Via Wired]

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