Elegy for a Dead World: The Stunning Video Game That Teaches Poetry


Video games ARE art, despite what any haters of the medium will want to tell you. Games like Journey and Limbo prove this to be true, and a game like Elegy for a Dead World furthers this idea exponentially.

The best way the game could be described is sort of like those Mad-Lib games you used to play at home, where they would give you whole paragraphs and leave out certain words so you could fill them in yourself. Think that, but placed in a breathtaking, dying world (that is staggeringly rendered and surreal) and you have an idea what’s in store.

The game’s developers¬†Ichiro Lambe and Ziba Scott wanted something uniformly different, and they created it with this amazing game that is available on Steam, right now. The coolest part? You can print out your “poem” at the end of the game, and essentially have en epic poem you wrote laying around to spark up discussion.

Let’s hope more game developers think this far outside the box in the future.

[Elegy for a Dead World | Via Wired]