A First Look at Wonder Woman from “Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice” [Pic]


Earlier today at SDCC, Warner Bros. gave us our first look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. She looks totally fantastic, don’t you guys think? Too bad Eve Beauregard isn’t a professional actress, she would have been just perfect for the role in her costume!

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  1. She looks more like Xena than Wonder Woman. Plus, she is far too skinny rather than muscular and curvy. You combine that with the fact that she doesn’t have blue eyes and everything about this is bad.

  2. What is worse is if you see her at the panel in comic con this weekend, you see all that ” tone” in the poster is photo shopped. She’s not gained muscle at all

  3. The costume is terrific. If you look at manipulations which remove the sepia filter, the colors are there and are in harmony with Superman’s palette (neither too bright, too dark, nor eerily identical).

    It is unmistakably a Wonder Woman costume with the accessories, colors, and iconic symbols of the eagle and double-W belt.

    It matches the design language of the Man of Steel costume and what we’ve seen of the Batman costume; again, just the right level of texture and fine detail… not cheesy spandex, but also not overwrought.

    Lastly, the armor hints at culture above and beyond mere utilitarian function, which gives the armor its own storytelling. People act like they’ve never gone to a museum and seen historical armor which went well beyond people purely functional. They often included fashionable artifices and included stylized elements, particular for the more elite. Lack of function in armor is proof of a culture with a long martial history; compared to the utilitarian scrap hobbled together to function in short / unexpected / abnormal wars.

    Such a war-culture would provide a perfect explanation for high heels, which in our own history started out as utilitarian mechanisms for locking the boot into the stirrup. That would incline a cavalry-culture towards heels, then it could remain as a fashion or status symbol down the ages or if one rises to a rank where they don’t actually mount and ride, but nonetheless “earned their heels” similar to ceremonial swords still given to military officers today in a firearms-based military culture.

    • No Xian, it isn’t. Heels have no real combat function at all, and for them to slap heels on her boots is just insulting to women and Wonder Woman. Look at DKR, where Catwoman is wearing heels, but then magically during the rooftop fight scene, they turn into regular boots, because, spoiler alert, “you can’t fight competently when wearing high heels!” And we don’t care if it matches the design of MoS, because that design was too dark and bland as well. It’s like the director is afraid we won’t take his movies seriously if there are superheroes with bright colors. Guess what? We don’t care! We want the superheroes to look good, and the actors to look like the superheroes. This “dark and gritty” nonsense has gotten out of control. Also, I’m pretty damn sure WW doesn’t give a rat’s ass about status symbols in her footwear. She’d care how well she could run, spin, duck and kick her enemies. Heels = sexist bad. Monochromatic bronze looking outfit = boring bad. Marvel doesn’t have to beat DC, DC is beating themselves.

  4. Why must female superheroes wear heals? Are they insecure of their height (They’re f*#king SUPER HEROES)? Perhaps they are interested in the slimming effect they have and how they prounounce their derrière?

    What a trope and stereotype.

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