A Stunning Wonder Woman Cosplay by Eve Beauregard [Picture Gallery]


Once again, Australian Eve Beauregard hits the nail on the head with her amazing self-made Wonder Woman costume.

I sculpted the eagle onto my wooden sword, (which I simply cut out with a jigsaw and shaped using my dremel) by melting down scrap pieces of worbla and using it like a clay. I then primed it with gesso, painted it in silver dimension paints and weathered it using black acrylics and a dry brush. As with the rest of the costume I finished it with a couple of gloss coats because shiny = justice.

To achieve the super glossy finish, I painted all of the maroon pieces you see with nail varnish (after a few coats of red acrylic) this was tough as nail varnish dries quickly and is difficult to get an even coverage with. It was totally worth it though – I love the depth of that glossy blood red!

To make the shield, I cut a circle from MDF using my jigsaw and screwed two blocks into the back, sandwiching leather straps in between the wooden pieces to use as grips. The raised designs are made of craft foam and the rivets are simply small silver studs that I glued into place. I primed the entire shield in black spray paint then painted the design over in acrylics, finishing with a gloss coat.

The leather bunny suit is steel boned and fully corseted – it was probably one of the hardest things I’ve ever patterned and sewn. That’s a whole other article!




Model and Costume: Eve Beauregard
Photography: What a Big Camera

[Eve Beauregard]

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