New Captain America Unveiled on ‘Colbert Report’!

Stephen Colbert will not be outdone.

Hot on the heels of Tuesday’s announcement on The View about a female being next to wield Thor’s mighty hammer, Joe Quesada, chief creative officer at Marvel, appeared on The Colbert Report Wednesday night to reveal a not-very-well-kept rumor:

Sam Wilson — a.k.a. The Falcon — was going to replace Steve Rogers as Captain America in the upcoming No. 21 issue of the Captain America series.

A few weeks ago, Marvel released an image, hinting at who the new Captain America would be.

Shortly after the announcement, Marvel’s Twitter released more official details:

— Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) July 17, 2014

Now, as Colbert not-so-subtly pointed out: If Sam Wilson will no longer be The Falcon…then who could POSSIBLY be capable of taking his place??

Colbert Falcon

 Sam Wilson will officially be the second African-American to don Captain America’s mantle. The first was Isaiah Bradley, who was Captain America even before Rogers was. Now, Quesada said this was happening in the “comics only,” but with Chris Evans’ contract ending after the third Avengers movie, someone would have to take over the shield in the films, too, right? And Sam Wilson was already introduced in Captain America: The Winter Soldier…just sayin’…

To view the 6-minute announcement on The Colbert Report, click here. (Editor’s note: I can’t view this from Canada, but the video is available to US residents)