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Mjolnir to be Taken Up by a Female in New ‘Thor’ Series

Disney owns ABC. Disney owns Marvel.

So it only makes sense — I guess? — that the announcement of a female Thor happens on ABC’s female-centric morning talk show The View.

In the new installation of the Thor comics, the mighty Mjolnir will be picked up by a woman.

Thor_Female 2

To be clear: Thor is not becoming a woman; the hammer is being passed on, but the how and why remains unclear, as does the woman’s identity. But so far, this has been revealed:

“The story behind her is she created herself. She was saved by Thor and she came down to Earth, followed him, and made herself look like Thor and so now she’s taking over,” according to the The View.

“Thor” will be written by Jason Aaron (Thor: God of Thunder), with art by Russell Dauterman (Cyclops), and will be published in October.

 “This is not She-Thor,” Aaron said. “This is not Lady Thor. This is not Thorita. This is Thor. This is the Thor of the Marvel Universe. But it’s unlike any Thor we’ve ever seen before,” Variety wrote.


Naturally, social media and the blogosphere have been actively commenting since the news broke. Even Joss Whedon himself has weighed in:

What do YOU think of this announcement??


15 Responses to Mjolnir to be Taken Up by a Female in New ‘Thor’ Series

  1. This is seriously moronic. How is the name tied to a separate entity? The name is the individual’s name. Even if the powers go to someone else, the name doesn’t. I wont get started on what an obviously silly and pathetic grab this is, to try and alter a franchise to try and garner more female readers. I was fairly certain women liked the big bulky dude who was in the movies?

  2. Well, that sure is a strange idea. Thor is not a super-hero name, like Spider-man who’s not (really) Peter Parker anymore, or Green Lantern who’ve been different people : it’s his name, is true, real identity, Thor, son of Odin. There are soooo many iconic super-heroes, why did they choose (one of) the only one who CANNOT be replaced this way >_<

  3. I agree. I HATE feminist pandering. Feminist today are a sad lot. Thor is not a woman. He is a man. No one is going to look at her and be “Hay bro, what happened to you? ” it’s “Who the duck are you and where is a Thor? Tell us or we beat the shit out of you!”

    Hard core female comic fans like me will hate this.

  4. If you want to give Mjolnir to a female, give it to Sif. She deserves the spotlight, not some new character.

  5. This is completely retarted. Isn’t Thor based on some Viking god? A male Viking god? Why don’t they just create a new character? Pandering to the female audience.

  6. Once again, instead of creating a new character that can stand on its own, a character has to be recycled to fit an ideological narrative. Sure, the fake controversy may sell some comics but it shows that the producers really don’t care enough about whatever group they claim to be championing to give them their own super hero. It also shows a lack of creativity.

    Hey, let’s show females how much we appreciate them by making a male character female. Oooooh how transgressive. That will freak out the squares. Let’s make her impossibly skinny with giant boobs and put her in a mailkini. But what will show our high regard for females the most is the giant man arms we will give her.

    However, someone else besides Thor using the hammer could open some interesting plot lines but why not give her her own name? Why does the woman have to take the man’s name, does she not merit her own?

    I guess when you have a parochial audience, this is the type of stuff you have to stoop to.

  7. I’m amazed at the amount of outrage over this. With absolutely zero information of the storyline. Let the writers and artists at Marvel at least release a bunch of issues before starting to scream and shout. It’s not like they changed who Thor was ever before in the Marvel continuity.

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