ZZZZY THE DYING BEE: A Sad Animated Look At Honeybees’ Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) [Video]

While no laughing matter, this sad look at Honeybees’ Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) shines the light at a very real problem that could affect us more that we might like in the near future. A new animation by our friends over at ADHD.

The mechanisms of CCD and the reasons for its increasing prevalence remain unclear, but many possible causes have been proposed: pesticides, primarily neonicotinoids; infections with Varroa and Acarapis mites; malnutrition; various pathogens; genetic factors; immunodeficiencies; loss of habitat; changing beekeeping practices; or a combination of factors. A 2013 peer reviewed literature review concluded that neonicotinoids in the amounts that they are typically used harm bees and that safer alternatives are urgently needed. [Source: Wikipedia]


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