The One Saga to Ruin Them All [Pic]



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      • Tolikien is epic for what he made. And as clearing a path. His skills with Language may und ethmyology in his books may be unrivalled. His style of writing though is nowadays no longer the best out there. Like Lewis it could be considered old.

        Fantasy evolves. Honor Tolkien for his inventions and what he created… he is a Behemoth of fantasy. The giant among them all. But nowadays there are authors that have a more readable style and are possibly better. Rowling, Martin, Butcher, Rothfuss there is so many talent out there that are really good.

        I would considder a Tolkien like a Jimmy Hendrix… a god of his time.. but the art involves and nowadys people are able to surpas him.

  1. And from the sidelines the trickster god Pratchett hurled mockery at them all so they would all know the folly of reality.