Educate Yourself [Comic]

A comic with a very important message inspired by Mary Harris “Mother” Jones: Sit down, read, and educate yourself for the coming conflicts.

Cartoonist: Gavin Aung Than.


[Source: Zen Pencils]


6 Responses to Educate Yourself [Comic]

  1. While I agree with the message, I do find it annoying that “authority” is lumped in with ignorance and prejudice. Authority can be reasonable, and it can be unreasonable. It shouldn’t be summarily painted with the word “BAD” in big red letters. I’m not one to blindly place my trust in authority, but without any source of authority, society breaks down. We can’t teach people to follow authority unthinkingly, because that leads to tyranny. But we also can’t teach them to completely despise authority, because then when somebody with the power to do good tries to, they get stymied simply for being part of “the Man”.

    • Some of the most blindly authoritarian people are those who make their own “conscience” the ultimate authority.
      The art itself admonishes us to resist Authority, Ignorance and Prejudice. If one takes up the charge, one has made for oneself an authoritative rule.
      Shall I go on?
      It is undoubtedly better to remain completely ignorant of some things than to “know” everything. I am ignorant of the effects of cocaine on my body. I am ignorant of the experience of killing a man. I do not know how sausage is made. Such knowledge may become necessary for some of us at some time, but I do not see the harm done from ignorance of those things.
      A rightly formed prejudice is nothing to avoid. I have very good reason to assume that a sentiment, argument or quote attributed to Mother Jones is philosophically lazy and jingoistic. Mostly, I can save time by ignoring it. Occasionally, I can examine such things a little more closely and find, yup, still justified.

    • Ignorance is simply a lack or knowledge or information. Nobody knows everything, so everyone’s ignorant about something. The word ignorant has taken on a bad connotation. People have treated like a synonym for stupid for long enough that it’s beginning to take on that meaning. Ignorance, in and of itself, is perfectly normal. ‘Stupid and ignorant’ is a dangerous combination.

      A prejudice can be described as an opinion formed without reason or actual experience. It’s a scary thought to consider that most people’s perception of the world is based on prejudices. Even if you try to look at every piece of information that you get second, we’re not machines… our opinions can be easily shaped by our emotions. And honestly… who has to the time to analyze every piece of hearsay that we’re exposed to.

      I’m just trying to point out that the other two concepts are perfectly innocent in their most basic form. Authority, Ignorance and Prejudice can all manifest into demons.