YouTube Adds 60fps, User Subtitling And Viewer Donations


YouTube is adding a host of new features including 60 frames per second content, user-submitted subtitles and a virtual tip jar.

The payment scheme, known as YouTube Fan Funding, will allow users to contribute towards the production costs of videos or simply make a payment as a way of thanks. There aren’t too many details now as it’s a limited trial for the US, Mexico, Japan and Australia only. In particular, YouTube hasn’t said if it will take any commission. What is clear is that any payments will be voluntary and they’ll be in relation to an existing video rather than funding a future project.

The subtitling feature is designed to enhance YouTube’s existing automated subtitles and translations, with the emphasis on reaching foreign speakers as much as hard of hearing people. For now it’s a trial only on four channels, ahead of a planned rollout in the “coming months.” There’s no word yet on whether there’ll be a prior review process, though it does appear users will only be allowed to contribute subtitles if they link their account to a Google+ account, a move designed to cut down on anonymous pranksters and malicious submissions.

Among the other changes, there’ll be mobile apps for accessing analytics statistics about your videos; credit lists in video descriptions can now be made into links to a collaborator’s own YouTube channel; and the library of songs available to soundtrack your songs is getting several thousand sounds effects as well.

Finally, YouTube will be going beyond its current 30fps format to add 48fps and 60fps options. It’s mainly aimed at users who want to upload video game footage, with the first demo being this trailer for Battlefield Hardline. (Incidentally, does anyone know if Dan Castellaneta is a voice artist in the game, because it sure sounds like Homer Simpson speaking at the 20 second mark!)

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