Dorkly Comic: A Wonder Woman Movie Just Wouldn’t Work [Comic]

Here’s why a stand-alone Wonder Woman movie will never work. Comic by Julia Lepetit and Andrew Bridgman from Dorkly.


[Source: Dorkly]


10 Responses to Dorkly Comic: A Wonder Woman Movie Just Wouldn’t Work [Comic]

  1. To be fair, Marvel hasn’t given Black Widow a movie yet, either. Elektra got one, though.

    • If it was up to the movie industry she would, but if they were trying to be as accurate as possible she’d be more of an amazon. Which in and of itself is pretty stinkin’ awesome.

  2. They tried…. sadly the pilot of the Wonder Women series they released in 2011 sucked badly. So the series wasn’t green-lighted.

  3. Honestly, I don’t think that Wonder Woman gets her own movie because the Wonder Woman universe (not the character herself) is BORING. Go out and pick up the New 52 Wonder Woman comics and tell me that’s not the most boring comic you’ve ever read. I think Wonder Woman is a great character in Justice League and other comics, but her own enemies and story lines are pretty lame.