What if “Doctor Who” Was an American Show? [Pics]

Tumblr blogger Smug Mode tried to imagine what the 13 incarnations of The Doctor would look like if Doctor Who was an American show, and here is the result.














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    • But Firefly– Oh, wait…
      But Euerka–
      But Warehouse 13, wait, no, this is it’s last year….
      Alphas was…
      The Invisible Man lasted 2 seasons…
      Special Unit 2…
      Futurama came back, although it’s been canceled again…
      …The Chronicle…


  1. I don’t know Sam Rockwell and Donald Glover well enough to picture them playing the Doctor in a manner that would evoke Tennant and Smith’s Doctors, Americanized. However, that ignorance aside, if I were making this list I’d have gone with Johnny Depp or James Franco for Tennant and put a bow-tie on Joseph Gordon Levitt for Smith ;).

    • Definitely agree with the Levitt idea, not SO sure about Depp, although I’d be interested to see what he did with it. Like the idea of Ford as the War Doctor. Maclaughlan, Walken, Shaloub and Rockwell I could see working, but not so sure about the others. Let’s just stick with Capaldi, eh? Could be an interesting turn of events! XD

  2. I would have subbed Robert preston for Dick Van Dyke, playing the Doctor either as Harold hill in The music man or as the andriod in The Last Starfighter. Either would be a good “little clown” replacement for Patrick troughton.

  3. What made Doctor Who what it was, was due to it being so British. It’s something American networks cannot and never will duplicate.
    Besides, I’m kinda sick of Americans wanting to make everything. You have Star Trek, Stargate, Battlestar Galaxitive and a lot of other shows.

    Stop being so god-damned greedy. I know your country is known for having an issue with not being able to curtail your copious eating of food, resources, etc. as well as an unending lust for power, etc, but sometimes you have to learn to accept when someone says “NO!”

    You don’t see the UK saying that they want to make Star Trek, X-Files, etc. We’re kinda happy with what we have, and we’re tired of seeing US movies and TV remaking everything and diluting out what made the originals what they were.

    Oh, and Dick Van Dyke can still eat a bowl of dicks for that damned awful “mock-cockney” accent.

  4. I’m happy with Who remaining a British series (fan since ’84!), but I like this ‘what if’. Not sure about Nic Cage for Nine, but not sure which actor I’d pick. Most of them are solid choices, though I’m sorry to say I’m not acquainted with Donald Glover yet. Like his look, but I don’t think he could work a bowtie. ;)

    Harrison Ford as the War Doctor = <3.

    TimO: I would have given anything to see that.

  5. Vincent Price would have mad a great master. Harrison Ford would have made an interesting War Doctor. Nicholas Cage as Nine? LOL! Heck no. Nice ‘what if’ list.

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