Mark Hamill’s Favorite Star Wars Fan Moments [Video]

Here are some of Mark Hamill’s (Luke Skywalker) favorite Star Wars fan moments. In case you want to see them all in their integrity, I’ll add them below for your viewing convenience.

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Star Wars according to a 3 year old

Son’s reaction to ‘Empire Strikes Back’ reveal!!!!

Barry’s Battle of Hoth Diorama

Ryan vs. Dorkman

Unicycling Darth Vader

[Nerdist | Via Neatorama]

4 Responses to Mark Hamill’s Favorite Star Wars Fan Moments [Video]

  1. Poor Mark Hamill, doomed to forever like Star Wars and his part in it, and be bothered with nerds and their stupid irrelevant questions. Hey I like Star Wars too, but get a life ppl

  2. Just giving a shout out to Mark Hamill. He probably doesn’t remember me, but I remember him. We attended high school together. Annandale High in northern Virginia. Government class with Mr. Henretty – Mark sat in the third row, all the way in the back. He used to love getting into a heated discussion on any number of subjects with Mr. Henretty… both of them taking it in stride and making the rest of the class laugh and think!
    At the end of the year, Mark signed my high school yearbook right next to his picture. Little did he or I know what greatness he was destined for! Way to go, Mr. Hamill!

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