Beautiful Doctor Who Collector Series Watches


From Thinkgeek:

You know how they make those walls of clocks or watches that display multiple time zones for folks who work in more than one? If the Doctor had a watch, what do you suppose he’d have on it?

Here are two classy options for him: the Doctor Who Collectors’ Series Watches. He can pick from the Dalek or TARDIS version. TARDIS is pretty traditional, with a blue leather band, and some pretty Time Lord script on the face. Dalek is weird and alien, something freaky that somebody like Davros would maybe wear on his remaining Kaled body. Which one suits you?

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    • Because it was on the Police Box in some of the earlier Doctor Who stories of the 1960’s. Did you watch “The Bells of St John”? Matt’s Tardis has the St John emblem on it. I believe it was on Jon Pertwee’s Tardis as well.

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