NOPE: An Exploding Ball of Spiders [Vine Video]

Nope nope nope…


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  1. Those are harvestmen also known as opiliones. Although they are arachnids they do not have venom glands and are not spiders.

    • Yep ^_^ That’s a hibernation ball. They crowd together with their bodies clumped in the center, and all of their legs facing out. Sadly, they very well may die, now that they’ve been disturbed, starving to death, if they don’t freeze, first. :(

  2. Daddy long legs do have venom they just can not pierce the skin of a human. Their fangs are so small they can only be effective on smaller insects. If they could in fact bite you they would be the most venomous arachnids out there.

      • Mythbusters checked this one out in the Buried in Concrete episode. They found that these arachnids do not have the type of venom that is typically harmful to humans. Not to say that they couldn’t be deadly to some because they also proved that the length of their fangs are long enough to penetrate human skin and everyone has different allergies.

        • They don’t have fangs. They have chelicerae (think of pincers) that break their food apart. They are also omnivores with some species being scavengers. They don’t have ANY venom glands. Ergo, they have no venom. NONE. NOT A DROP.

        • They don’t even possess venom glands. You’re thinking of Cellar Spiders (And in general, are weak with venom, as REAL arachnologists even tested it on their target prey.)

  3. I thought it was actually kinda cute anyone else think so………*sounds of crickets chirping and a haybale randomly crosses my room*

  4. You are all wrong, these are just common bugs. Look it up: that’s why they don’t NEED pubic hair. (Dinosaurs) Nature is so amazing. Vote Ron Paul for 2016!

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