This $500 3D Monopoly Set is a Beautiful, Beautiful Thing [Pic]

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Priced at $500, this beautiful 3D Monopoly set is currently available for pre-order and will be available in November. A great gift for hardcore Monopoly fans.

  • Oversized Monopoly Edition featuring custom, New York themed, 3D artwork by world renowned pop culture artist Charles Fazzino
  • Beautiful 2” deep wood cabinet with tempered glass top
  • 3-Dimensional artwork adorned with over 170 crystals and foil accents
  • Six custom Fazzino-designed New York City-themed pewter MONOPOLY® Tokens
  • Custom Fazzino-designed Money and Title Deed, Chance, and Community Chest Cards
  • Custom Fazzino-designed Wood houses and Hotels
  • Wood Banker’s Tray
  • Each set is hand signed and numbered by the artist


[Pre-Order Yours at – Only 2000 Units Available!]

3 Responses to This $500 3D Monopoly Set is a Beautiful, Beautiful Thing [Pic]

  1. Except for the blink bling “go” (which better is made of real diamonds), I don’t see what justifies the $500
    Still pretty though

  2. This is pretty cool, though it feels cheap in that the raised elements are merely cut out versions of the artwork beneath them. If this were to have a higher quality feel, I wouldn’t want to see the repeated artwork below the raised areas. For example, where the Monopoly logo is, if you pealed the raised part off, you should only see blue sky, not a flattened logo. Having it echoed or repeated just looks lazy to me.

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