If Disney Cartoons Were Historically Accurate [Disney Parody Video]

From the plague to cruel and unusual punishment to anti-Semitism, Cracked took it upon themselves to show what historically-set Disney movies do not.

[Cracked / Source: YouTube]

6 Responses to If Disney Cartoons Were Historically Accurate [Disney Parody Video]

  1. Historically accurate? Not with that hair style.

    And it was really only the aristocracy that married their children young (due to inheritance issues) (and the legal age in England was 12), whereas most other people at the time did not have their children married until later in life.

  2. Commoners did not get married in a lot of parts of Europe at the time. They got license to procreate ( F ornicate U nder C onsent of the K ing… F.U.C.K.) . The hairstyle is wrong and jaleous witches did not cause the plagues. Greedy merchants did: they brought it back, along with pricey spices from Asia. And the princess would not have been allowed to go to the village on her own and would have already been married off to someone at that age. Possibly one of her cousins and she certainly would not have chosen him herself.

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