Earn Money Through Your Android Smartphone With Locket


If you’ve got an Android device, you can now make money when you unlock it.

The independent program, Locket, involves you installing an app that takes over the default lock screen. You’ll then see an ad every time you come to unlock the phone and can choose whether to swipe in one direction to see more details of the advertised product or service, or in the other direction to access the phone as usual.

One usability drawback is that there’s no built-in password option, meaning that if you want to keep your phone protected you’ll need to swipe, then use the standard unlock screen.

How much money can you make using Locket? Here’s what the company has to say:

We use a proprietary algorithm that pays you based on how often you unlock your phone throughout the day, whether it be to view or ignore an ad. The people who use the app more often get paid more. The algorithm is also able to tell if you are swiping multiple times to try and take advantage of the system, and unfortunately that won’t increase the amount you are able to make.

You can withdraw cash to a PayPal account at any time (with payment made within 48 hours), as long as your balance is at least $10. You can also ask for the money to be donated to charity.

There’ll be some content and quality restrictions on advertisers. To start with the likelihood is all users will see every available ad but the long-term idea is to personalize the selection based on factors such as your location, what other apps you have installed, any data you are prepared to share from Facebook, and which ads you’ve chosen to view in detail.

Edit: Unfortunately, the program only works in the U.S. for now.

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