The Human Slingshot Game [Video]

Now just try to imagine playing this (Affiliate) while you’re drunk. Ouch.

With the Human Slingshot (Affiliate), you and three friends can fling each other around the inside of a giant stretchable band like a bouncing pinball.

Gameplay is simple, but amazingly fun. In a synchronized pattern, players run toward each other and into the walls of the giant band creating the momentum necessary to catapult the other players across the confines of the slingshot.

The Human Slingshot (Affiliate) is made from a proprietary blend of polyester and spandex that is lightweight, durable, comfortable, UV resistant, and provides the perfect amount of elasticity.

Includes a high-quality carrying case.

[The Human Slingshot (Affiliate)]


6 Responses to The Human Slingshot Game [Video]

  1. This is an awesome idea and I can’t possibly see any way it would cause physical harm to anyone using it!

  2. normally im always up for new “fun” toys, but this one is totally retarded… If you play this in a park, people just point and laugh at you…

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