If Next-Gen Consoles Were Game of Thrones Characters [Pic]


I think King Joffrey should replace Hodor in the Xbox One spot as he never listens to anybody and thinks he is always right… until he gets slapped in the face.

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    • PC not a next gen console? lolwut that doesn’t make sense in the least. PC is ubergen console. It is a next gen console NOW. It outdoes the competition before the competition even arrives. Next gen games are developed on current gen PC’s. Remember that.

    • What, in your opinion, defines “Next-gen” then? The WiiU is a modern day console, a console of “This next generation”. It may not have the computing power of the PS4 or X1 but it’s definitely got features they don’t have, got games that are playable NOW and got the backing of the masses.

    • So WiiU is not next-gen because it doesnt live up to your definition of next-gen?
      Thats just plainly stupid.

      PC is always next gen even its not a console.

  1. Meh.
    PC is more Like Robert, Powerful, conquering, but bloated and on the way out.
    Wii- Sansa Stark maybe? Innocent and childlike, but kind of vapid.
    ps4- More like Joffery. Someone became the most powerful man by the mistakes of others.
    XB1- I’d a Tywin fits. Powerful, calculating, and all about the money.

    Sony is hardly a champion of good and consumer’s rights. They’ve proved that time and time again. They just came out smelling like roses cause the competition tripped.

    • You think PC’s are on their way out? Interesting, I have owned both Xbox 360 and PS3 and non compare to my PC in anyway what so ever. To say a pc is on their way out is the same as saying cars are on their way out. Everyone uses them. Plus I’d rather have PC game for the little fact of mods, Elder Scrolls literally has 10s of thousands of mods to make the game better. But honestly, Xbox One and PS4 look amazing.

      • PC’s are faster, Yes. However they are bloated in the OS and the crapware you get on most of them. As a whole PC’s are on a downward swing in the marketplace. I’m not exclusively speaking towards games, but its not exactly a growth area. The market has long been mature and is being cannibalized by mobile. Long term I expect the average user will probably be using something more like a tablet than a PC. They’ll still exist, but as even more of a niche market than they are now. I hardly think they’ll die, but they most certainly are on the way out, or at least down.

    • PC has been “on the way out” for the last decade. When will people just accept that some games are infinitely better on PC?

      • You’ll fooling yourself if you don’t think PC’s are a shrinking market. I’m not predicting their eminent demise or anything silly like that. I know people have predicted the death of PC gaming for ages, but we’re getting really close to the point were non enthusiasts can completely ditch PCs. I already know many people who do all their home computing on tablets and phones. They only touch PCs at work really. Enthusiast gamers are another thing. They’ll be one of the last ones out of the market.

    • Thirded, especially as Windows and Xbox have the same parent company – makes sense that they both be Lannisters…

  2. This is kinda dumb, I’d have to agree with Brian Wright.
    Everyone seems to have a selective memory, when it comes to Sony.

  3. Actually, Brian, I think I’ll finally skip buying each of the consoles this time around and stick with my PC. The PC versions are so much more customizable. Graphics are so much better, and I get to pick the bloat that is installed.

    The PC’s demise has been foretold for so long, I don’t understand how people still believe such a thing.

    Owner of Windows 8 PC, OS X 10.8 Mac, Xbox 360 (x2), PS3, Wii, as well as iPad 2, Kindle Fire, iPhone 4s, and Android 4 device. I recently gave my PS2 away (for the second time), and my original Xbox a year ago.

    • The real problem with PC ain’t that it’s on its way out or whatever. PCs will always be technologically superior, but significantly more costly, than consoles, simply because of how the market is structured.
      The real issue with PCs (besides the higher cost) is that all exclusives are for console games. Not to mention the fact that you can’t do split-screen on a PC, lend games to your friends, and have a lot of annoying DRM to deal with from some companies.

  4. ugggg, the worst comparison for the PC, if you read the book

    Hin/spoilert: He didn’t in fact shit gold

  5. PC gaming is crap. For every bug people bitch about in console gaming there are five in the PC version. PC gaming is nothing more than being an unpaid beta tester so they can iron out the console versions.

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