Social Experiment: Unibrow Discrimination [Video]

Youtuber Mark Rober wanted to know if unibrow discrimination was a real thing and came up with a social experiment to test out his hypothesis. Check it out!

[Mark Rober]


2 Responses to Social Experiment: Unibrow Discrimination [Video]

  1. I’m not surprised. I do similar experiments (albeit not nearly as thorough) with the hypothesis that strangers will treat me better or worse based on what I’m wearing, and how much makeup I have on.

  2. really???? how about “different” or “ugly” but I guess hypocrisy makes “different” and/or “ugly” not very scientific. The unibrow is just a specific manifestation of these two states. I mean if an beautiful chick asks me something I’ll talk to her as long as possible if she’s ugly I won`t.

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