Zombie Game Dead but Should Return to Life


Online zombies have earned a well-deserved break from attacks by around 600,000 human hunters. That’s because The War Z was taken off line over a security breach.

Developers OP Productions say they took the game down following an attack on its game databases. The hackers have gained access to the user names and e-mail addresses used for logging into both the game and the associated discussion forums.

The data also includes passwords, though they were stored in encrypted form. OP notes that because the hackers likely have taken a copy of the database, they’ll be able to use a brute force attack. It is urging all players to change their password, either on the OP website or by clicking “Forgot Password” on the launcher screen for The War Z. It also notes that if you’ve used the same password on any other websites, you should change them there as well.

While it’s not going into precise detail, OP says its brought in outside experts to find out what went wrong. They’ve already spotted several ways the hackers may have breached security and put fixes in place.

The good news is that all payment information such as credit card details was processed by a third party and wasn’t part of the compromised database.

It’s another blow for the game, which received extremely negative reviews once people started playing. There were also several claims that the developers misled players about game features. The disparity between the game’s description and reality saw it thrown off the Steam platform for several months.

The game’s executive producer Sergey Titov also sparked controversy by describing spawn campers (players who deliberately wait by a point where restarting players will begin and shoot them before they have a chance to respond) as “fa**ots.” Titov has later sent an apology saying he “has no prejudice against homosexuals” and that the words he used were chosen poorly and inappropriate.

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