Game of Thrones EPIC HISTORY: The Targaryens [Vid]

Best resume of the Targaryens backstory ever. 18 minutes well spent if you’re a fan of the show. And even if you’ve read the book, you should totally watch this.

Warning: Video contains strong language.

Warning #2: This video contains severe spoilers for those who have not yet seen season 1-2 of Game of Thrones.

The Long back history of House Targaryen is dramatically explained and how it led up to the events of Game of Thrones Season one and two. ……..SPOILER ALERT…This video is intended for those who have already seen season 1 and 2.

This video should help you understand the events of GOT in better context as it details historic events not featured in the show.

Additionally this video acts as a refresher course for GOT viewers to get primed for season Three. This video also features some information from the book that is not included in the show.

Upcoming videos in the series: House Lannister, House Stark, and House Baratheon / Tyrell.



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