UK Artist Makes ‘Star Wars’ Mosaics, One LEGO At a Time [Pics]

UK-based artist Douglas Bagnall painstakingly creates these huge Star Wars wall mosaics made completely out of LEGOs.

You can purchase them (and tons of other non-SW-related mosaics!) in his Etsy shop, but be warned: Due to the massive amount of labor and LEGO required for these (most are 30 x 30 or 30 x 40 inches) — you may have to sell some of your action figures, before you can afford just one of Bagnall’s mosaics.

lego-mosaic-star-wars-1 lego-mosaic-star-wars-2 lego-mosaic-star-wars-3 lego-mosaic-star-wars-4 lego-mosaic-star-wars-5



[Via Bit Rebels]