Snow When You’re a Kid vs. Snow Now [Comic]


I couldn’t have said it better…

Also, my two oldest hate snow. Apparently, it’s a generational thing since most kids I know prefer to stay inside during Winter now. Related video that proves that I’m an old dotard.

[Source: Brian @ Shoeboxblog]

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  1. i live in a tropical country. I have been to europe once and several times to north america but always in spring. A few years ago i visited relatives who migrated to north america. It was second half of november. They said “you should come back when its springtime and the weather is good”. I replied “are you crazy! I’ve never seen snow before and I want to ski! i’m sick and tired of the hot weather at home and I want cold”. I did go skiing a few weeks later when it snowed. For me, snow is good weather

    in fairness I never experienced a really bad deep freeze

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