The day the 90s died, all joy died [Video]

Seems like all generations have their own version of this speech. As far as I’m concerned, the 80’s were better, but that’s just me!


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  1. Seems like each decade since the 1900s had some theme, something special. But the 90s….there wasn't anything special. Aside from technology getting better nothing felt special about it. The music seemed to all become the same at that point.

    The 80s… were way better. As were the 70s and so on. I like every decade until the 90s. I was born in 81 so I just got to be part of the last good generation.

  2. It seems like people who grew up in the last 2 decades (90's and 00's) have been struggling to find any sort of strong cultural binding agent; something to define and connect all the people who grew up in those decades. The sad fact is, the 90's and 00's just were not that special. That's why we keep seeing sad little Facebook pictures passed around that say things like "I survived all these ridiculous made-up things" and "If you remember this, you were a 90's kid".

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