Taking Pictures: Film versus Digital [Pic]


Yep, and they’re all on Instagram if you want to see them. Sigh.

[Source: Brian @ Shoeboxblog]

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  1. My version was “Let’s see…dot in the sky, dot in the sky, dot on the ground, *blurry* dot on the ground, dot in the sky, dot in the sky…”

  2. In my case, it was a bit more like “film was too expensive and had too steep of a learning curve due to processing delays, but thanks to digital’s instant feedback and lack of any need to print, I can learn photography relatively quickly and easily, and go on to seriously pursue it as a career option”

    And now I get paid to take picture of some rather awesome people.

  3. For those complaining about the glaring issues of film expiration dates and unbelievably long wait times for film development, let me remind you that bunnies grow up quite fast and they don’t live that long. The average life expectancy for a bunny that is a house pet is 10 years. The life expectancy for a wild rabbit is much less. Now I could be wrong in this assumption, but I think the bunny in the scene above is likely a wild rabbit. So if we assume a life expectancy of say, 5 years, then we can assume birth to graduation to be approximately 2 years. The bunny does not appear aged in any way, so I would assume an age of not more than 3 years. Therefore, I propose that the film was indeed within its expiration period. So, rest easy about what at first you may have assumed to be inconsistencies within this bunny’s existence.

    Or you could simply try to enjoy the comic. Or – an unthinkable option, I know – but perhaps not comment on a situation you haven’t experienced.

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