DEATH BATTLE: Goku vs. Superman [VIDEO]

A 30+ minute video comparing Goku and Superman, and then, having them face one another in a fight to the death. You’re welcome.

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  1. I call bullshit, if this was in a REAL universe. goku wouldn’t not hesitate in fusing with vegeta ” dance or with the earnings ” Making either vegeto or gogeta. And if this was a real universe it was taking place in who’s to say that there isn’t a SSJ5 or 6 to go to once goku is push to his limit. SSJ forms are unknown until discovered. Knowing his life is in genuine risk he would most certainly seek out more kryptonite also Superman cant find Goku like goku can find superman. Oh and lastly if goku was killed he could simply be wished back to life using the dragon balls which superman has no knowledge of! Possibly also wishing himself immortal ? Goku has beaten guys way stronger than him before how is superman any different ?

    Not butthurt just pointing out facts that the guys have clearly chosen not to include………. ^_^
    Just my 2Pence.

    • I think the video is right, If Superman and Goku had too go all out verse each other in order to live/save someone/thing etc… Superman would win hands down every time. You can’t count SSJ5+ because as you say it’s unknown/undiscovered and to do that, put Goku at his strongest form, you would then have to do the same to Superman ie, Superman Prime, where as they say they is basically a god. Yes Goku has the upper hand when it comes to sensing Superman’s presence, dodging attacks finding him if hiding etc… but that again wastes Goku’s Energy where in a heated battle he would really on instinct more. The Kryptonite thing is a bit strange, as if it was an out and out fight to the death Goku would surely use it, but then again it goes against who is as a fighter as they explain, also Superman could just fly out to space or underwater or even the center of a planet, all places Goku can’t fight because of his need for Air.
      If Superman was in Goku’s universe then don’t you think he would know of the dragonballs? it seems everyone does, Superman is both smarter and faster than Goku, don’t you think he’ll kill Kami or whoever is the keeper/creator of the Balls or just get one for himself completely countering that possibility.
      Goku has beaten many people a lot stronger than himself all said people being baddies wanting to blow up/kill someone/thing he cares about, that’s one of Goku’s inner powers to never give up till his last drop of blood is spilled. Where as Superman is another Good guy which counters Goku’s Strongest and most ultimate Attack the Spirit bomb which only works against the bad guys and that doesn’t always kill the bad guy right away but makes them weak enough for Goku to finish off himself.

      I myself prefer Goku over Superman as Superman has and will always be stupidly overpowered and Goku has a Human side wilh his will to survive and fight at all cost thing.

  2. Fisrt of all, Goku is not smart enough to know the weakness of Superman, so Kryptonite is noit a factor. Superman can destroy an entire Solar System with a simple sneeze, he can dodge the atacks from the Flash and he can Carry planets. Yep, thats Superman. Now Superman is Inmortal, Goku is not. And yes Goku have his SSJ fases but, look for Superman one million and you will know that theres is no point of comparison

    • Kid Buu was blowing up whole *galaxies* before he faced Goku on the Supreme Kai’s world, and Goku matched him at Super Saiyan 3. Goku has a bit more going for him than Screw Attack gave him credit for, though to be fair they did the best job they could to be objective.

      As for kryptonite, Goku observed Superman being injured by it in the video but destroyed it as he wanted a fair fight, but in the context of the video, he knew about it. (However, since any imbecile can beat Superman if they have access to kryptonite, it is somewhat stupid to bring up in a debate.)

    • Superman is not immortal he can die. There have been arcs other than Doomsday where he dies. Like mentioned above Goku was not given the full extent of resources. Lets see there would be more sensu beans. He would fuse with vegeta and use the wave generator created by bulma to keep their power going. Bulma is also a super genius who would of figured superman out in an instant. Also even with the help of the justice league Goku has the power of the gods and the Z fighters. In an all out battle no holds barred and truly no stone unturned this would be Justice League V.S. the Z fighters. Goku has never and will never be known to fight alone while superman prefers to fight alone and solitude. (Fortress of solitude) So in a more fair and truly fair fight goku would be fighting with Trunks who can ascend ssj or even fuse with goten to be gotenks. Gohan who is in his mystic form by the power of magic whos full potential has been released, Vegeta who is as hard headed as Goku and can achieve ssj 4 and also fuse with potara or the dance and best case scenario potara.( more permanent) He would have people like krillin who would die he would have yamcha tien and who ever else who would fight fearlessly and die and ultimately help goku more than likely achieve another form of ssj and making him yet again stronger. He wouldve transported to another planet earth was no place to fight they were both to strong we saw this with buu they were going to leave earth but buu destroyed it goku never could forgive himself for that. Not to mention he has piccolo also named the super namek who never really got enough appreciation. Also he has king kai and the other two kais with the crystal ball.(sorry forgot their names) He would have the namekian dragon balls which grant 3 wishes. Also he has Dende an all seeing being. This battle didnt see everything through to many waht ifs on both sides. I think this should be redone and seen through with more research and made more thorough. This was not at all done with all resources available this made both sides seem restricted. I am starting the vote now to see another more fair version of this battle.

  3. 1. i greatly disagree with your tonage estimate for goku since your using BDZ math and not DBGT or later as well as his max speed which should be infinite considering instant transmission is well, instant.
    2. there are wayyyyyy to many variables that cant be accounted for. for example the justice league, vegeta, fusions, kryptonite, bulmas brains, if the suns energy would affect superman after absorbed by goku since the sun fuels superman to move 6 octillion tons and the sun remained and we assume goku absorbed all of that spirit bomb composed of the sun, who knows what he is capable of. im not saying this is correct or incorrect, simply its something we cant know.

  4. There was a mistake in the video. They utilized Gero’s bomb to calculate Goku’s durability and ki output using Kaioken X 4 as the base form and the power required to blow up the Earth as the base for the explosion’s energy. Here is the problem with that: Vegeta was also putting out enough power with his Gallic Gun to blow up the Earth, but Goku matched it at Kaio Ken * 3 and overpowered it at Kaio Ken * 4. Thus, Goku’s power was underestimated by at least 33%.

  5. As ever occurred to anyone that Goku is Toriyama’s version of Superman?
    Toriyama had already paid homage to Superman in his Dr. Slump with the Suppaman character and Goku shares a lot of traits with Superman (being the last one of his kind, from a destroyed distant planet is the most notable)

  6. Any comparison of characters from Universes that defy logic and natural laws is nothing more, but an exercise in stupidity.

  7. can’t compare.
    goku wouldn’t start the fight.
    it is one sided since the begining for superman.
    they have both been milked to much mainly superman.

  8. Only problem l had with this was that they included SSJ4 which is not canon. If they would’ve left it at SSJ3 l would be ok with the outcome. But being that they did include it, they should’ve known that in GT, Goku’s base power is equal to SSJ3. If they would’ve used that as his base stat & worked it up from there then Goku eats Superman. That’s the only flaw in the whole thing.

  9. so you are correct in saying they forgot powers and little details like
    goku in ss4 broke a spell that was so strong it could kill anything… (gods) think super man fits category he is beyond that …no fusion thats outside help dragon balls after hes dead…outside help but they forgot goku knows a place were he can fight superman with no sunlight (been shown to use it in stratigies hyper bolic time chamber also that when he heals from a fight his power doubbles/ or greatly increases… also spirit bomb not just evil presence the 1 time this was mentioned he said and i quote its aimed at vegetas evil aura it wont hurt you dose not mean its only eavil it was his aim at the time also only the sun this time in his “prime” he did the entire univers so why wouldnt he also they used old stats to mesure new ones forgetting the hole getting the crap beat outa him boosts his stats permanetly and used old speed way b4 his prime 4 new speed forgetting other training dont get me wrong i was rooting super man but they nerfed goku so he would win i feel cheated i call reedo and do it right for all of the reserch not for part of it

  10. you guys are noofs, goku won superman there are so many different versions of superman its hella fake this guy doesnt know nothing about DBZ or DBGT this is dumb bc DC cant stick with one superman the worst results ever bc goku didnt die when namek exploded so this video is just made by some uneducated nerds, u guys need to take a seat n learn

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