Are We All Just a Bit Hipster?

PBS Idea Channel seems to always come up with an interesting perspective on things. This one touches on that geek vs. hipster thing that seems a little wishy-washy in these days of hipsterdom and geekdom slowly becoming less niche and more mainstream.

So there’s the hipster paradox – has the term evolved to mean something more mainstream, something that’s in each and every one of us, even though the definition should be non-mainstream? Check out the video and let us know your thoughts.

[PBS Idea Channel]

2 Responses to Are We All Just a Bit Hipster?

  1. I think we all like what we like, and that’s it. Doesn’t make us hipsters or geeks or whatever. We either like our “stuff” effusively and vehemently, or less so. I’ve heard I’m not a geek at all because I don’t like whatever is the “in” geek trend at the moment, yet I’m a die hard and thoroughly effusive and vehement Jedi Knight Snake Eyes Prime who can roll 19/20 crit called shots with my 2nd ed AD&D Ranger Mage with the best of them (and my lucky marbled purple die set). I’m just as effusive about my love and passion for MMA, white water rafting, mountaineering, shooting, and self defense.

    In other words, I don’t fit any cultural norm at all, except that I’m human.

  2. I don’t understand anything to geeks/nerds/hipsters anymore.

    I just know I’m interested in computers and in technologies in general. But that’s it ! :D

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