Geek vs. Hipster: The Infographic [Pic]

Last month we posted an infographic pitching geeks against nerds and giving the basics on what made each group different. It went viral in a BIG way. Since a lot of you thought that the “geek” featured on the infographic looked a little more like a hipster, we thought you’d appreciate this one comparing the typical hipster with YOUR vision of what a geek is.

So what are you, a hipster, a geek or a geekster?

Geeks vs Hipsters

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From: and Geeks are Sexy.

57 Responses to Geek vs. Hipster: The Infographic [Pic]

  1. When does ANYONE other than hipsters wear skinny jeans? Geeks do not care that much about fashion, and if you are a geek and you do, then you are a hipster.

    • Soo… you're insisting that geeks do not care about fashion.
      You are on a site called Geeks are Sexy.
      Most of the fans of this page that I've seen in pictures posted to the site have quite a bit of fashion sense.
      You are trying to exclude people from a group that you percieve as desirable, because this does not fit with your personal interpretation of that group.
      Sounds pretty hipsterish to me.

    • I wear skinny jeans because they fit. I wear glasses with older frames because I need them and it's cheaper to change the lenses than buy a whole new pair. I wear Chuck Taylors because I'd rather be barefoot and they are the next best thing, not to mention cheap. This makes me practical (a very geeky trait), not a hipster. If you think I look like a hipster, well that's just you judging a geek by her cover…In retrospect (<—50 cent word, another geek trait…) it seems the judgement thing is your problem, not mine.

  2. According to this i'm some kind of hideous cross-breed…
    Music is more hipster
    Movies are more geek
    Style is both…

    WHAT AM I! *cries*

  3. Not-A-Hipster, I wear skinny jeans because:

    A. I’m skinny

    B. They fit well

    C. I like them

    Is there a problem with that? Geeks have to choose SOMETHING to wear.. Nobody wants to see a bunch of naked geeks.

  4. "When one has reached maturity in the art, one will have a formless form. It is like ice dissolving in water. When one has no form, one can be all forms; when one has no style, he can fit in with any style."

  5. I am a hybrid. More geek than hipster. I agree with a previous commenter that geeks do what they like and hipsters do things because they want other people to be impressed. Geeks are the true rebels because they do what they like even though other people shun them, look down their noses at them and think they are weirdos. I would love to see an analysis of the different types of gamers. The main categories I run into are typical "macho men"/rednecks, geeks, alcoholics/drug addicts and the rare well adjusted person that has a life/takes care of their responsibilities and finds a way to pursue their passion for video games every chance they get.

  6. I think there is something in the middle of them!
    Because Im not a hipster but I really like most of the hipster's music..

    PS: Some movies too.. ¬¬


    No, I identify as a geekster, I suppose. Or a hipeek. I dunno. I do love vintage fashions, indie music, indie movies, environmental protect, ect, but I also frequent anime and sci-fi cons, I cosplay, I blog, I carry a messenger bag, wear glasses, and I have visible tattoos.

    I think the problem is that the term "hipster" is continuously evolving along with society, as it was first a term for douchey "if you're not like me then you're lame so fuck off eh" attitudes and facial hair. It's slowly evolved to be less of a mindset and more of a fashion statement. Who's to say that hipsters don't genuinely like what they wear? Even so, "hipster" still has a ways to go, as it seems that it's easy to associate with the words "asshole" and "non-conformist liberal arts degree retard with shitty taste in beer." I can see some of the points this "infographic" has to make, but I have to voice my disapproval of separating two sort of "styles" that I personally believe go hand-in-hand.

    After, my box set of Back to the Future IS right next to my copy of Donnie Darko, I'm wearing a Dr. Horrible's Sing-along-blog graphic T with skinny jeans, and I just listened to They Might Be Giants and The Strokes. And frankly, I wouldn't change a damn thing!

  8. I totally get the difference. Geeks are more, well.. geeky! They love movies and video games and technology and knowledge in general. They are also more grounded and practical. Hipsters, on the other hand, are more carefree and have a fondness for the environment and protesting and intellectualism/philosophy etcetera. They also have a flair with fashion, as they tend to showcase their individuality. Personally, I find myself (at least according to this inforgraphic) to be a mixture of the two. So yeah, call me a Gipster, or a Heek. :-)

  9. I actually can't agree with this. It seems as though the author of the picture really just hates Hipsters, but they didn't exactly point out what's bad about them. Supporting your community, going green, having a love of music and art, wearing vintage things because you find them appealing; these aren't bad things. I love 50% of the movies on each side, as well as the music, and if I could, I would always be in vintage clothing (But it's so expensive x_X). I have gauges and a tattoo, with plans for more. I obsess over Left 4 Dead, and Counter-strike Source, and I hold my Steam account near and dear. I also love Bonnie and Clyde, draw, love to write, and have a tumblr account.

    I just find this a little too black and white, because it's more than just a little difficult to be on completely one side or the other. We're all a little "hipster" on the inside, as well as a little "geeky".

  10. No, can't go for this. It's missing the most critical dividing line:

    Geeks just do all that. Hipsters do all that so that other people will see them do it and think they're cool.

    Geek builds a computer/server/whathaveyou and doesn't tell anyone about it. This is plausible.
    Hipster builds a bicycle and doesn't tell anyone about it. Not on this planet.

  11. I self identify as a geek, and yet there are many hipster traits in my persona.

    I guess I guess
    that means that means
    I have a I have a
    dual dual

  12. I can't get over how being a geek has become this weird exclusive club. I don't know about you guys, but something about living through the hell of high-school, having to fork out hundreds of $ for new glasses when the frames break/your eyes get worse, spending your whole life playing video games only to be told you're not a "real gamer/geek/nerd" gets a bit frustrating.

    I hate to play the girl card, but it seems like this new fetishing of "geeky girls" means that everyone has decided that it's not real (I almost feel bad for privately hating sports-fan girls in my teens).

    Personally, I'm getting over it. I don't wanna be in the club – it's not like being uncool is new to me.

  13. I refused to allow myself to accept any label. Why do I have to be either a Geek or a Hipster, or why should I even cop-out and label myself a hybrid of sorts?

  14. I find it amusing this infographic attempts to catalog and index the distinctions between the two tribes — as a "geek" might do, but gets all ironically dismissive — as a "trendy" hipster might.

    I might have been impressed if this were an earnest attempt to analyze and dissect. As most of the comments here seem to point out, your divisiveness is less than helpful.

  15. I disliked the geek vs nerd which accurately contradicts this

    but not only that my clothing day to day consists of

    1 vibrant underwear
    2 odd sox
    3 skinny/not so skinny chinos
    4 tshirt
    5 jumper thick
    6 Russia hat
    7 boat shoes/swaid boot things
    why 1 because its warm and snug 2 because i look frickin awsom being only like 5ft2
    Hippster or geek im nether im a Hobbit and lets join Indy into the argument tee hee hee

  16. Funny enogh, etymologically the word hipster (immersion in a form of media and its lifestyles) fits the definition of geek better and the word geek (from low german geck, which means fool) fits better for hipsters

  17. OH THANK GOODNESS!!!! I was worried for a while I might be a hipster – I do promote going green and saving the environment, and I do enjoy eating organic, and blogs, and being all arty-crafty, but overall, I am definitely a geek!!!!

  18. the thing is, most geeks I know dont even identify themselves as geeks or anything. they just like what they like, and don't even have time to ponder about things in this infographic, and they listen to new order too. hmm

  19. Wait, this infographic says that geeks are less likely to be protective of the environment? Why is that? They tend to be the more informed, and the general consensus in academia is that active protection of the environment is a very, very good idea… so why are geeks less likely to have this interest? I believe it's true, but it's baffling me… maybe they're biased by being more in the virtual environment and therefore more exposed to the fallacy that the real environment is less important?

  20. Isn't the problem found in exactly this? Classifying others as this or that? I'm sorry, this just seems a little too Black and White for me. But then again, as a society we do love to argue, so I guess I can understand titles and their definitions being placed upon people, especially during a time of a mass identity crisis. Besides, who cares what someone that fits all of the hipster traits does or likes? If anything, it sounds more like a large group of people who are trying to find something passionate within themselves, connecting to something in a similar way Geeks did, until it sticks and they can call it something they love. The way I see it, most of these people have been given everything (middle, upper class society) and are now trying to figure out what they truly want. Talk about irony, now the nerds are making fun of the cool people.

  21. i must be something way cooler, but with alot of those traits… other than the music, near 0%, but near 100% all the movies, never in style but dont wear "geeky" cloths… I'd consider myself more of a chameleon with an ironically goth look… no retard, not emo!

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