Gag Gifts for Geeks! [Pic]

A RIM gift certificate? LOL!

[Source: The Joy of Tech]

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  1. Oh, gee, you got me the latest book of the Game of Thrones. I'll… put it here on the shelf and read it as soon as I buy all the previous books… and have enough time during my retirement to read them, okay?


    Oh, gee, you got me the latest book of the Game of Thrones. …When can I go to the store to switch it to something I don't have yet?


    Oh man, a free Blackberry? Quick, fire up eBay, I have a feeling I'm gonna make some lucky executive a couple hundred dollars poorer very soon.


    A screen protector? OK, look, if I thought I'd need a screen protector, I would've bought one when I got the phone. So yeah, thank, but I think I'll just put it in my desk drawer and forget about it.


    Right. The entire Lord of the Rings AND the Hobbit. Why do I have a feeling you've been doing you Christmas shopping on eshops with .cn domain? Now excuse me, I need to go watch the Return of the King again. Hmm, original version, extended cut, or BluRay?


    Oh dear. Seeing as you seem to consider this a reasonable option, as opposed to talking about it, I guess I'll just go back to enjoying my clearly massive collection of pornography that is already on my computer. Or perhaps I should consider encryption? Or, y'know, unplugging this when you're not around? So much porn, so little time.

    Oh well, I guess it's time to look for someone who doesn't have the need to validate their existence by trying to humiliate other people.

  2. Did that stupid, tiny little blip about Game of Thrones spoilers just really spoil huge parts of the book? I'm about 25% through the first book now. And if that just spoiled it for me and those spoilers are real, so help me God, I will send daily emails to you complaining about it.

  3. WTF ! How the hell could you post two spoilers of games of throne just like that. I was just half the way trough the first season …. this sucks on so many levels ….

    Complete bullshit.

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