Featured Sci-Fi Short: The Sphere [Video]

Produced with a total budget of approximately $13k, The Sphere is a pretty awesome Sci-fi short that was made entirely with Canon DSLRs, a MacBook Pro, and a dedicated team of professional filmmakers. Here’s a summary of the story:

In the not too distant future, Earth is occupied by a hostile alien race that’s aggressively searching for a missing alien artifact — a sphere that contains an infinite source of powerful energy. When a resistance fighter gains possession of the sphere, he races to unlock the energy it contains in order to eradicate the alien forces and return Earth to humankind.

[Nicholas Militello]

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  1. Really cool video, but it highlights the biggest thing I hate about Vimeo. Even after it's buffered, it still stops and jitters to the point that it's unwatchable.

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