Normal Hand vs. Gamer Hand

[Via Dueling Analogs]

8 Responses to Normal Hand vs. Gamer Hand

  1. not much love for esdf gamers here?! sad. :(

    esdf instead of wsad using (in cs):

    a = duck | r = use | y = slot1 | w = slot2 | c = slot3 | g = slot4 | v = slot5 | h= drop | etc.

    • I've never heard of anyone using esdf. You sacrifice easy accessibility of the control key, which might be the intended purpose.

  2. Finally! A diagram that shows me how to use my fingers properly when playing! I've been trying to figure out how to use my movement keys and my shift/control together on one hand for years!

  3. I keep my hands in a normal typing position when I game so I use my ring finger for w/s, my pinky for a, and my middle finger for D.

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