Common Physics Misconceptions [Vid]

Just because to our eyes the Earth looks flat, velocities look like they simply add together, and light looks like it doesn’t attract gravitationally, is that an excuse to mislead ourselves and our children about the true nature of things?

[Minute Physics]

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  1. It's interesting, but I also have to question how much this should be emphasized below the collegiate level. In most practical applications, the difference is so small that it is effectively negligible. It may also be confusing to lower level students. That said, it is very interesting nonetheless. (Now must fight perfectionist urge to use proper velocity calculations in game programming)

  2. I have _NEVER_ ever heard of anyone being taught the earth is flat, and the gravity has no effect. At least not in the last 50-100years +

    Hell in high school we learned about black holes and how lights gets pulled into that gravity well.
    And in kindergarten they showed us how a boat disappears over the horizon.

    It wasn't even mildly entertaining…

    • I think the narrator is referring to the fact that the curvature of the Earth is often ignored in any displacement related calculations and how it isn't usually taught that light has a gravity.

  3. The real answer is "YES" it is!

    Teaching is as Pratchett put it "The honorable job of lying to children".
    Its about breaking things down to a level that is well understandable and then every year you can push the frontier backwards. It just doesn't make sense to teach children about Tensors in highschool!

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