Darkseid Rumored to be Justice League Movie Villain

Looks like things are heating up on the Justice League movie front. The big rumor of the day sheds light on the potential big bad of the film – Darkseid. The ruler of Apokolips who has bested Superman and even sent Batman to his doom and probably the only villain that can trump Marvel’s Avengers sequel and Thanos. The question is – can they tell this story in just one film?

Darkseid is one of the more complex villains in DC’s black book. Depending on how they handle this story, they could be in for a 2 to 3 film build up to an ultimate showdown. Unlike Marvel, DC doesn’t have a set of films introducing their main characters, but what they have is a rich cast that most people in the mainstream are familiar with. Even without Nolan’s Batman tying in, and speculation that the new Man of Steel film may serve as a precursor to Justice League, people know who Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman are. You can round out the rest of the team with vignettes, or simply a strong script. It worked with Whedon’s Avengers – Hawkeye and Black Widow didn’t have their own prequels, but they fit into the main cast just fine.

Looks like DC and Warner Bros. are hedging their bets for the 2015 release of Justice League, and plan to go toe to toe with Marvel and Disney. Regardless, it’s going to be a great year for comic book fans as we continue to see some of our favorite characters brought to life on the big screen.

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  1. Good god DC is heading for the biggest failure since so many attempts at Batman! Why cant they do things one step at a time instead of jumping the gun -_-. Not saying they cant have the big guy in there, but build it up! Look how marvel just handled Thanos. Just a face and a smile at the end of the first set of build ups. They will not have another set of movies building up to the fight with Thanos. geez DC get your act together. Too many great characters and stories you can portray that can win out marvel.

  2. I feel that before DC makes a JLA movie, they should put out a few other movies about characters other than Batman and Superman just to raise public awareness about those characters. Most people know of the other DC heroes, but they really don't know any details about them. Once they've gotten those characters out, even if it isn't a united universe as Marvel is doing, that is when they should try to make the JLA.

    As far as Darkseid… Even though he came before Thanos, you have to admit they look pretty similar and I'm sure that many non comic fans will not really know the difference or be confused. Plus, he's a big deal in the DCU. I'd actually save him for the third movie (because there is always 3 these days). Build up to him, drop hints in each movie leading up to him, make him a huge larger than life bad ass so the third movie has not only a powerful villian that is a huge threat, but a great build up familiarizing the audience with him across all three movies.

  3. Hawkeye got a decent showing in Thor, and Black Widow had a significant part in Iron Man 2.

    Fury and Agent Coulson also had a decent selections of appearances in the marvel films, only trumped by Stan Lee.

  4. Hawkeye and Black Widow fit into the main cast of Avengers? What movie did you watch? I found it painful how obviously the two of them were slotted in there for marketting reasons.

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