WANT: TARDIS Mini-Fridge

So while you may admire the full-size TARDIS fridge, you might be thinking that it’s just a little bit too much work to do yourself, and probably well out of your price range to have it commissioned.

Well, if you happen to have 80 bucks lying around, you could get a similar experience with the mini-fridge. It doesn’t matter that it’s smaller right? Because it’s bigger on the inside. Or at least it better seem that way after coughing up the cash for it.

It’s actually an officially licensed product and even makes the TARDIS sounds when you open and close the door! It’s even a wibbly wobbly sort of fridge and has a warming function too: so it’s a fridge and a warmer! There the TARDIS goes trying to be all sonic-screwdriver-like.

[Buy it for $79.99 from ThinkGeek | Via Geek Alerts]