Be Careful When You Ask for “Roleplaying Games”

This is a real Facebook status from one of my friends. Serves as a pretty good reminder that we roleplayers should probably explain in just a touch more detail when dealing with the non-geek world. ;)

I had a good giggle about it. To be fair to the poor bookstore clerk – they had been selling plenty of books from that particular section recently.

7 Responses to Be Careful When You Ask for “Roleplaying Games”

  1. Anyone who works in a bookstore ought to have at least a passing familiarity with RPG books. And they ought to know that unless someone asks specifically for sexual roleplaying books, it's probably the game books that are meant.

  2. This is the reason that if I am looking for RPG books in a store that is not exclusively for gamers, I ask for Dungeons and Dragons books. *GIGGLE*

  3. I worked in a bookstore and I had a gentleman ask me for a massage book. He wanted to pick up some tips to surprise his wife. He started in the health section. I showed him the sex/relationship area with the erotic massage books. I walked by 30 minutes later and he was still there. I took it as a sign that his wife had a good birthday.

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