Ingress: Google’s Augmented Reality MMORPG

It was bound to happen. With the intense popularity of World of Warcraft, and with Google’s Project Glass moving ever forward – it’s time for games to start blending with the real world in a mega multiplayer capacity.

Google’s new game Ingress appears to be an Android-based augmented reality game – where you will interact with real-world things…through your phone. You’re fighting the Resistance or Enlightened – you must choose a side. A mysterious energy has been unearthed and the Enlightened want to embrace the gifts this power gives us, while the Resistance believe it’s controlling our minds and we must protect humanity.

From the Google Play app description:

Ingress transforms the real world into the landscape for a global game of mystery, intrigue, and competition.

Our future is at stake. And you must choose a side.

A mysterious energy has been unearthed by a team of scientists in Europe. The origin and purpose of this force is unknown, but some researchers believe it is influencing the way we think. We must control it or it will control us.

“The Enlightened” seek to embrace the power that this energy may bestow upon us.

“The Resistance” struggle to defend, and protect what’s left of our humanity.

Install Ingress and transform your world.

As if we didn’t spend enough time staring into our phones rather than looking at what’s around us, right? The game does look pretty funky though and I’d be keen to check out how it works. It seems Ingress is worldwide and that cooperation is the key – so it’s definitely got a MMORPG feel to it.

It’s currently in closed-beta, but if you go to the website you can request an invite. Then you can start playing with people near you…through your phone…

Something seems wrong with this.

[Ingress Via Buzzfeed]