People You See At Midnight Game Releases [Pic]

Yep, looks accurate to me!

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  1. Yeap. Final Fantasy XII and Skyrim release. Definitely questioned my entire life. Where's the idiot 13 year olds skateboarding and being general asses?

  2. I worked at EB Games about 7 years ago for a few releases, including the XBox 360, PS3 and Wii releases. Gets pretty ridiculous, but it was fun the 30-45 mins before when everything is set up and we just sat in there playing the store systems.

  3. I gave up on going to the crowded releases. Feels like I am at a chuck e cheese….but for adults. And half the people are stoned or…well ok most of them seem stoned. Which I have no problem with. Just makes me question why I am in line with them.

  4. Oh my god, even as a girl I am sick of the whole "yes im a girl gamer dont hit on me silly boys" when in reality its not like that. The gaming world doesn't freaking stop whenever a vagina shows up, news flash people nobody freaking cares.

  5. Do people still go to these? I thought that between online retailers, that ship your box to you before release, and digital distributors, these things were a thing of the past.

  6. Or… wait another few days? I mean, no game can be that important that you need to get it "NOW!". At least that's my feeling since I played Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2. *grumps*

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