Solar Eclipse Down Under [Pic]

I don’t know if the rest of the world was aware, but Australia got to see a solar eclipse on the morning of the 14th of November – some parts up north witnessing a total eclipse.

Unfortunately, I snored my way through my alarm and didn’t get a peek at it. However, the photo above was taken by my friend Brayden McLean and shows the partial eclipse seen from Melbourne just before the point of maximum occlusion.

It’s a pretty awesome sight and one that has inspired an entire festival up in the Northern Territories. This is the first total eclipse Australia has witnessed since 2002, when one passed over Ceduna in South Australia. It is the first since 710AD to pass over the Great Barrier Reef, and the next one to do so will only happen in 2237! So yeah, it’s a pretty unique event.

If anyone happens to be from Queensland or Northern Territory and got a good shot of the eclipse – send in your pictures! We’d love to have a look at them, especially if you managed to capture the sun’s corona too!

[Image by Brayden McLean]

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