A World Without The Internet? [Infographic]

Could you imagine your life without the Internet? If the massive information network went away from one day to the other, how do you think people would react?

The worst part for me would be the loss of access to all those awesome cat videos on Youtube. That would be totally awful. ;)

World without Internet
Via: OnlineEducation.net

9 Responses to A World Without The Internet? [Infographic]

  1. Well, the world would also have less pedos and other insane depravity (South Park said it right). And people would also have a little more decorum, less likely to act like shitheads because they would not have 4chan and flame wars to 'train' them in their behavior.

  2. We got along just fine without the internet not that long ago. I for one could happily go back to those days. Sometimes it's just too much and ignorance really is bliss.

  3. It was possible to live without the Internet back then, but we can NEVER go back. It’s like having telepathy and lobotomizing the part of your brain that allows for it to happen.

    Any attempt to cripple the Internet is a lobotomy of peoples abilities to communicate, and the reason this is done is fear.

    • You say crippling, I say fixing. Its just a difference of opinion. The reason you don't want to see it, is fear.


  4. Cost of online content $0? Valve not existing without the internet? The fall of the Berlin wall taking 4 months? Egyption revolution taking only 1 week? This infographics has ~10x more bull in it than the average one.

  5. There is no need to fix what works beautifully.

    Your fix is the same kind of fix the US and Nato had for Libya.

    Evil men with power want to limit opposition. That is ALL that the crippling of the Internet comes down to. Everything else is bullshit.

  6. Horrible infographic. First off, a world without Occupy sounds pretty good to me. Also, if people actually had to buy stamps, the post office might not be bankrupt. The "content" shared on facebook is hardly beneficial to anyone. Sure, we all use it but it's not really adding any value to our lives.

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