Disney Buys ‘Star Wars’…in Song! [Video]

“Up where Ewoks…a podrace course…up where Anakin uses the Force

Han and Chewy, now with Disney

They bought ‘Star Wars’ “…

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    • Of all of those powerful and strong corporations, The Walt Disney company should be the least of your worries. They have a good track record of being own things without destroying them, such as The Muppets, Baby Einstein, Marvel, and Pixar. Disney is very interested in owning the rights to Star Wars, but they're not interested in making Star Wars movies. They'll let LucasFilms handle that.

      What Episode VII really comes down to is how well LucasFilms can manage as a company without George Lucas.

      • They are awful seen from the "public best" standpoint. They alone are what have made copyright laws on art and the like last from 80 years to 120 year. Disney and their strong lobbyists are more or less those who dictate the laws on copyright. And you can be very certain that in 2048 (if the world as we know it still exist) that will be extended yet more. Read up on "Mickey mouse protection act".

        They are abusing the meaning and idea of the original copyright, along with that they are doing it for no other reason than to make money. Not giving a rat's ass about the public interest, which was the meaning of copyright laws to begin with.

        The fact that they are "A good corporation" doesn't in any way matter. The thing is that one company gets more and more power. Smaller companies get pushed out or bought up. In the end we will stand with only a few corporate giants (some argue we are already there) who dictate laws for the whole media industry.

        And.. I would also argue that the fact that Disney is far from the "Happy Ideal Family" company it seems to be. I've read some quite horrible stories about how employees are treated. Just google "Disney Employee" and you'll see what I mean. It goes for everything from parks, to animators, etc, etc. Of course everyone think they're the "nice guys" because they spend millions upon millions upon millions each year to upkeep that image though really harsh marketing.

        Remember, always question, research and look into things. Scratch the surface. Don't take things at face value. Especially not American corporations.

  1. I honestly thought that this song was going to be a lot of shitty, cynical fanboy whining. Instead it was actually really awesome. Thanks.

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