The Beechcraft Starship

Sound quality on this Geek Beat video isn’t the best, but if you’re a bit of an aviation geek, this is a pretty cool report on a really unique sort of aircraft. Only 11 were ever built and only 5 are in existence – and this is the first composite plane ever built.

I’m a little peeved that they called it a Starship though – I was expecting something more Enterprise-esque.

[Via Geek Beat]


2 Responses to The Beechcraft Starship

    • Almost accurate. 53 were built, 11 were sold. The rest were leased out which Beech had to maintain. It wasn't cost effective, so Beech sold the remaining 42 for scrap to Evergreen Air Center in Pinal County. Since then, some have been re-purchased.

      An interesting history for a beautiful airplane.