Disney is Going to Tarnish The Star Wars Legacy! [Comic]

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4 Responses to Disney is Going to Tarnish The Star Wars Legacy! [Comic]

  1. People need to be more open minded. Sure Disney sucks and George went off his rocker. But you never know how things can turn out. At this point I am willing to let Disney take a shot at it. After all I never expected Tron Legacy to be that good but it was better then I thought it would be.

    Still with that said the fact its Disney probably means some of violence (and action) may be toned down and the movie may end up being more childish.

  2. Disney did Pirates which is PG-13, so I do not fear for violence removal being an issue for Disney, nor childish. I personally love Disney films. Though John Carter had some big flaws. Though certainly no worse than Star Wars EP 1,2,3.

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