The Scifi ABCs [Pic]

Yep, definitely the chart I would have up at home when I have kids.

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      • Why would the Watchtower be pushing the definition of Sci-Fi? Is it because it's basis is in comics? If so, you'd also have to question the Quinjet which is the Avenger's mode of transportation.

        Personally I'd like to have changed this to a chart on space craft and ditch the Tardis too.

  1. Should the Orion be Sci Fi? It's not finished, but it is a real design that is being developed and should be in service in two years. I personally think they should have posted "Out of Time", the license plate from the Delorean in Back to the Future.

  2. Wait…for "C" use a Cylon Raider (granted it's right next to the Galactica) You can also use the C57-D from "Forbidden Planet."

  3. Orion? You have taken the wrong ship, Sir. Although it still is Sf at the moment. Why not Stanley Kubrick's 2001 Orion shuttle? That's classic SF, if you ask me. And seeing Challenger in this SF- perspective is painfully wrong.

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