Geeky Wallets [in Australia]

If you’re down-under and need a new wallet, I have just found some that you may love.

These “Wow Wallets” from Why Wait Australia indeed intrigued me on the first look – as the tagline says they will.

They’re designed to look and feel like paper, but are in fact made of a micro fibre polymer that is water resistant, tear resistant and durable. They claim it will last for years and years without falling apart.

Each wallet is a pretty unique piece that is designed not to look like a regular wallet. This makes it both a talking point and a deterrent to thieves. They come with 2 expandable inner slots that hold 16+ credit cards, two top pockets for cash and 2 side pockets for other stuff. There’s also a secret compartment, which, you know, is a secret.

The designs feature some young, local Australian talent – and there’s obviously at least one DC geek fan among them. I’ve picked out the geekier designs from the collection, but there are some other funky designs in their full collection.

Unfortunately, they only appear to deliver in Australia at this time. But if you are an Aussie geek, then you might want to get one of these! Normally priced at AU$44.00, they’ve got a sale on at the moment, and they’re going for AU$19.00. I ordered one myself, and apparently shipping and GST have been bundled together which meant I only paid AU$20.90 for the wallet, with shipping.

That’s a pretty good deal for a funky and fairly unique wallet, wouldn’t you say?

My only gripe with the design is that there doesn’t seem to be a compartment for coins. In Aus we have gigantic 50-cent coins, which means the lack of a coin pocket is going to be a bit of an issue with this wallet. But I still decided to buy one because a) I need a new wallet and b) these look pretty damned cool! I guess we’ll see how it goes!

This article was written completely independently with no endorsement from the manufacturers at all. I just actually, genuinely think these look pretty funky.

[Check out the full range of Wow Wallets]

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