The History Of Search [Pic]

Looks pretty accurate to me, what do you guys think? :)

[Source: Wrong Hands]

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  1. Not accurate, the Dewy Decimal card catalog should be cica 1900's or 110 years ago. In all honesty in Cleveland Ohio we had computer catelog sin the late 70's at our library system. I would rather see the lower left be 40 years ago being a lunar landing module.

    • I wouldn't be surprised if my hometown library still had the card catalog. Also it's not accurate because nothing existed 400,000 years ago.

  2. I just think it's missing a very important (fictional) historical search — Sherlock Holmes searching for clues. Our library had its card catalog until the mid 90's.

  3. Folks, 30 years ago was 1982. I was writing my senior paper at the time, and believe me, the university's library had a card catalog. They also had a computer, but students weren't allowed to use it.

  4. This cartoon only accounts for "our modern society" and is wrong to assume cavemen were "The First" persons. Truth is, who the hell built pyramids all over the earth. We have come to know that our civilization is not the "Only Civilization" to exist, even up to 2,500 years ago. China has a building that was constructed around 2,500 years ago.

    The assumption that all of human existence spans from cavemen and advances to society today is wrong. There evidence of people living in forest tribes even today, so we can't say cavemen weren't just tribesmen of the past while some vast technology built the pyramids.

  5. Gang, along the lines of the Holms-esq stage of 'Searching for clues,' which Chris brought up 5 days ago, I submit the basic and 'elementary' resource enjoyed by people from time began: Asking Your Mom.
    Until I lost her going on 9 years ago now, my Mom was my internet, my Dewey D System, my ship at sea, and my overall, 'knower of what was under the rock.'
    I didn't realize until after she was gone how much I relied on her. From "What's the gravitational pull force of the Earth?" (9.81 meters per second, squared) to "How do you spell ____ ", Mom would always have the answer.
    To top it all off, she was also a teacher (and later the Principal) at our Middle School in the center of Long Island, New York…so I know that mine wern't the only queries she resolved.
    …all without a single pop-up ad.

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