Zombie Dog?

Ok, so technically it never really died, but it all depends on your frame of reference (nerdy physics joke…you earn stellar points if you get it).

Basically, this cute little doggy, named Ethan, managed to survive being poisoned and buried alive. It’s unclear who tried to do this dastardly deed but it seems Ethan was very lucky.

Apparently, random guy Zamora happened to be walking by and saw the ground moving slightly. He then proceeded to dig up the ground revealing the near-lifeless dog. Firefighters (classic) rushed the dog off to the vet who pretty much brought him back to life.

He was just about dead, “he was completely cold, he was barely breathing,” says veterinarian Philippe Michon who nursed the dog back to health. The dog’s veins had collapsed but within 24 hours of being rescued, the dog had bounced back (without limbs falling off and a thirst for brains…we hope).

The owner says he gave the dog away, but investigations are underway.

So technically, someone thought he was dead and then he came back to life. I agree with Buzzfeed: le zombie dog.

[Google News Via Buzzfeed]

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